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Bay Ridge woman sends care packages to health care workers

A woman from Bay Ridge is saying thank you by way of care packages.

News 12 Staff

Apr 8, 2020, 4:54 PM

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A woman from Bay Ridge is saying thank you by way of care packages.
Alanna Ojibway says she is on a mission to help and is encouraging others to step up.
She says her partner works in the health care system and her and a friend wanted to help out.
“Similar to so many people who are at home, there’s just this sort of hopelessness and wanting to do more to help,” says Ojibway.
That was when she decided to make care packages.
“I did a big trip last week and just bought a bunch of bulk supplies and started making these individual little care packages,” says Ojibway.
Inside the boxes are things like facial wipes, lotions and protein bars. Things she says aren’t technically essentials, but could be helpful in making these heroes’ days a bit easier.
“Some of them are in such just a basic need for Chapstick because their skin is dry or lotion or snacks because they’re getting meals sporadically if at all, and they really are eating literally what I can fit in their pocket, so it has to be on the go,” says Ojibway.
She’s made and delivered more than a dozen packages so far.
“There’s really no end goal because as long as this continues to be a need and an issue I’m happy to continue doing it for as long as possible,” says Ojibway.
She hopes it will show support and love but also encourage other to do the same. Anyone who wants to get involved can reach out on Ojibway's Instagram, @alanna.ojibway.

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