Bear sightings in New Canaan put residents on high alert

Animal Control officers in New Canaan say bears have killed chickens, putting residents on high alert.
Experts say this is the time of year bears need to eat enough to gain several pounds a day before hibernating, so people should not be out in the country and putting themselves at risk of running into one.
Francis Edwards says a bear broke into her coop and killed her chickens, Hilda and Agnes.
She showed News 12 how the animal clawed into a wooden box and ripped open a wire screen to get to the birds.
"I never expected a really violent aggressive attack like this which is what happened to me and the neighbors," said Edwards.
Animal control says the best way to keep animals safe is with an electric fence.
"Bears are powerful, we have seen them bend polls in half so breaking into something like this is part of their expertise," said Allyson Halm, New Canaan Animal Control officer.
Bears are also getting noticed in Weston where officials say a mom and cubs got into a garage.