Bedford Park community leaders fight to create historic district

Community leaders in Bedford Park say they've been striving for the neighborhood to have a historical district status.
Bedford Park has homes and buildings that were built back in the 1800s.
The Historic District Council named Bedford Park one of the 'Six to Celebrate' designations, which leaders say will help the neighborhood take another step toward reaching a historical district status. The status would get Bedford Park on the list of New York's preservation priorities.
The Bedford Mosholu Community Association says that being on the list is a necessity, which is why it put in an application.
Areas with preservation protection in Bedford Park include row homes on Perry Street that were built in 1910 and the Bedford Park Congregational Church, which was built in 1889.
The association says not all the buildings in Bedford Park are protected, which may lead them to be torn down by developers.
Officials say the 'Six to Celebrate' program's goal is to teach community leaders how to document, research and learn more about zoning and public outreach to help with their preservation fight.
Bedford Park is the home to the New York Botanical Garden and institutions like Fordham University and Lehman College.