Best holiday photo locations in the Bronx

There are a lot of places in the Bronx to take pictures for the holidays, but a Bronx blogger has some suggestions of the best locations.
Bronx Mama founder Nicole Perrino suggests Bartow Pell Mansion.
She says there are fountains, gardens and plenty of stairs that make for a great backdrop.
"Since we have so many beautiful places in the Bronx, why not take some fun holiday photos there. Especially in the great weather you don't have to buy outfits. You can wear your coat," Perrino  says.
There's also the Church of Saint Jerome. You can take photos outside or take a photo inside when there is no Mass.
Van Cortlandt Park is also another great location, suggests Perrino.
"Just head to the local institutions, and it's a beautiful backdrop. The fall foliage is falling off. If you catch it when there's snow, it's even greater," she says.
Perinno's website takes off some of the pressure off finding the perfect picturesque location for your holiday photos. She says it's all about making moments with your family.
"When you just let them (kids) out to run around and catch those moments and take actions [shots], those are usually my favorite ones," she says.
Another place with lots of beautiful photo opportunities is the Van Cortlandt House Museum or the Marble Hill Train Station.
Perrino says the Marble Hill Metro North train station can provide both city and country views at once, and make it for a fun place to shoot some family photos right on the water.
She says as an added bonus is seeing the train come winding between the trees and rock formations, and will make kids feel they're in the life-sized version of the holiday train show at NYBG.