Best of the Bronx: 40 years of Eva's Kids

Best of the Bronx: 40 years of Eva's Kids

A woman in Hunts Point has taken care of hundreds of kids over the past 40 years at her day care in the home she grew up in.
There is currently a group of around 16 kids in Hunts Point who are Eva’s Kids.

Eva’s Kids is an in-home day care center run by Eva Sanjurjo.

In addition to the 16 kids currently under her care, there's also countless adults in the area who were once Eva’s Kids too.

“She would interact with us, play with us, talk with us. She would make sure nothing was wrong with us, especially in school,” says Samantha Garcia, a mother who also attended the day care.

Garcia and her brother attended years ago and now she sends her 9-year-old son to the day care.
“I knew off the bat how it was going to be when he got here,” says Garcia. “Her energy is amazing, her focus is there.”

That focus and love has made an impact on many Hunts Point children.

Sanjurjo grew up in the same home, and when she had her daughters she decided to open this business, for her kids and for her community.

"I always tell them I gave 100% of my attention and my love to my children. I have to give 110% to the children that are in my day care, they don't belong to me," says Sanjurjo.

Parents say they are beyond grateful for a safe and enriching place right in their neighborhood for their kids to grow.