Best of the Bronx: A bright future for one student who empowers young women

One young woman from the Bronx has combined her work both in and out of the classroom to pave a way for a very bright future.
Fatimata Cham, 18, was recently awarded a $20,000 scholarship from Coca-Cola for her college education. She beat out thousands of other applicants in the process and could combine that scholarship with others to help get her straight through to graduate school.
In addition to acing challenges in the classroom, Cham has focused on positive initiatives outside of school by speaking to young girls about gender equality and inclusion. She is part of a group that brings that work back to the United Nations Foundation headquarters.
"I need to make sure I make my parents proud, and now I'm going to he the first person in my family to go to college on a full ride," says Cham.
The published author – yes, you read that right - has not ruled out a future in political office. For her, the sky’s the limit.
“Maybe mayor of New York City, who knows?”