Best of the Bronx: Bertram Knight Jr.

A 22-year-old photographer from the Bronx is about to host his first solo gallery show in Manhattan.
Bertram Knight Jr. says through his work he is able to capture the images of those who are part of what he describes as marginalized communities.
"Through photographing them I felt I can provide representation and provide a different light for us to be seen in,” says Knight.
His series entitled “The Blacker The Berry" digs into African communities and the stories that are more than skin deep.

"I feel like we need to connect more and we need to have more events when we can meet one another and we can help one another," says Knight.

This Bronx native’s work will be displayed in a gallery in Manhattan through the month of October.

"I want my work to provoke thought. I love beautiful images, who doesn't love a beautiful image, but I feel that there is always going to be another photographer who is going to provide something beautiful, so I want it to be beautiful with context. Beautiful with a message,” says Knight.