Best of the Bronx: Ginjan juice brothers

Two brothers are working hard to make a name for themselves in the Bronx by making a drink known as ginjan juice.
The brothers say making the ginger-based organic drink is a long process.
They say the drink is used in Guinea as a local remedy to help with nausea, head and stomach problems. They say some people even use it as a pick-me-up before physical activities.
"As immigrants, one of the biggest thing you miss is the food, the drinks, all that you have back home," says Mohammed Diallo. "So when we couldn't find a high enough quality ginjan drink, we decided to make one."
The brothers say starting the ginjan business wasn't easy.
"It is literally just my brother and I making the juice, selling the juice, so that is the whole company and it's time consuming," says Ibrahima Diallo.
The brothers use their mother's recipe for the juice, making up to 1,200 bottles a week in a kitchen in Harlem.
"We learned very quickly that you need to prove yourself before anything else, so it was challenging at times, but it allowed us to be a lot more ingenious, to find creative ways to solve our problems," Ibrahima Diallo says.
The long term goal is to open a ginjan kitchen in the Bronx. Until then, the brothers say they will continue using their mother's recipe, sharing it with more than 10,000 Guineans they say are in the borough.