Bike 4 Friendship ride to benefit people with special needs ends in Brooklyn

This cross-country trek kicked off in California and pedaled all the way to Brooklyn for a good cause.

News 12 Staff

Aug 7, 2021, 1:07 AM

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Bicyclists who participated in the Bike 4 Friendship trip ended their journey in Brooklyn last weekend after starting it in San Diego, California.
The cyclists rode and raised money for Friendship Circle, an international organization that connects teenage volunteers with children, teens and young adults with special needs to foster a sense of companionship and community.
"Personally, growing up my brother two years younger than me, he has autism, so I would volunteer at our local chapter, and he would also go there," explains cyclist Moshe Cattan.
Now Cattan supports the organization by participating in the coast-to-coast ride.
He finished his second trip on Sunday.
"It was life changing, honestly and like the second I finished I was like, 'if I ever get this opportunity to do it again, I am without a thought I would do it," Cattan says.
He described the experience as a memorable journey.
"Probably one of like the memorable things is how the land forms the United States, like slowly change," Cattan says.
Cattan also is grateful for the generosity of some of the people he encountered.
"...We were just at a random gas station stop and two women approached us and ask us, like, 'what are you guys doing, are you riding?' And we have like an amazing conversation with them and then they just donate like $50 to us," Cattan recalls.
You can donate online to help celebrate the mission of Friendship Circle by following this link.

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