Black Lives Matter chairman arrested at memorial outside Melrose Houses

The Black Lives Matter chairman was arrested outside the Melrose Houses in the Bronx over the weekend and a video of his arrest is going viral.
According to a post on Instagram, it all started when officers showed up to a memorial outside the Melrose Houses.
The video, now going viral, shows Hawk Newsome, the president of Black Lives Matter, speaking to officers for apparently disrupting a memorial. Newsome in the video can be heard saying “we’re standing six feet away,” while the police officer is trying to disperse the crowd. Minutes later, he is handcuffed and taken into custody.
The NYPD tells News 12 he was arrested for shouting at them. Authorities added they approached the memorial looking for robbery suspects who allegedly attacked a couple a few feet away.
His sister, Chivona Renee Newsome, put out a statement Monday saying her brother was delivering groceries to people in need, going on by saying, “Hawk Newsome was arrested for calling out the NYPD on their racial tactics.”
News 12 is told Newsome was hit with a summons and has since been released.