Boil water advisory in effect for certain Ocean County residents; tests come came back positive for E. Coli

A boil water advisory is in effect for residents who get their water from the Berkeley Township MUA.
Tests from a few days ago came back positive for E. Coli bacteria, which could have been from the recent rains from Elsa and the severe thunderstorms.  
Tests done on July 14 revealed the positive E. Coli response. Another three sample tests done on July 16 came back positive for one total coliform. Two were negative for E. Coli.
The township gave out gallons of water on Wednesday afternoon at the H & M Potter Elementary School.
American Water customers in Monmouth and Ocean counties are asked to use the odd, even system for outside watering because a treatment center will be shut down for maintenance.  
It’s not mandatory, but strictly voluntary for now. It's being asked to avoid restrictions in the future while the planned maintenance repairs are underway.