Boogie Down Bites: Burger Lodge

A Belmont burger joint is putting customers to the test with their take on “Lodgezilla Challenge.”
The challenge consists of two buns, two grilled cheese sandwiches, three burger patties, onion rings and mozzarella sticks.
Burger Lodge has been open about three years.
The owner is a former Fordham University business student and says that he noticed a need for an all-American style restaurant.
The owner says he thought of the “Lodgezilla Challenge” after a student wanted to order a burger on top of another burger.
That’s when the idea for the 3.5-pound burger challenge was created.
There's a time limit to eat the entire burger. The cost is $35 if you don't finish it, and if you finish it, it's free.
If you win, you also get $50 to spend at Burger Lodge, a free T-shirt, a picture on the wall and a hat.
Almost 40 people have tried the challenge and only three were successful.