Boogie Down Bites: EazyLife Restaurant & Lounge

Boogie Down Bites: EazyLife Restaurant & Lounge

A new restaurant in Williamsbridge is hoping to address the desires of Bronx residents wanting to dine on West African Cuisine.
EazyLife Restaurant & Lounge is a Nigerian-Ghanaian community restaurant.

It’s a concept the owner, Olaye Osayande, says he wanted to make a reality so Bronx residents could satisfy their West African food cravings.

"Normally you have to travel to Queens, Brooklyn or New Jersey, so part of helping our community was to bring the food to the Bronx to ensure that we minimize them having to drive all that distance just to meet their food needs,” says Osayande.

The menu features items like tilapia and friend yams that are imported from Ghana.

"It's actually from Ghana. You can't find this kind of yam in the United States,” says Osayande.

Osayande says bringing West African cuisine to the Bronx is all part of the American Dream.

"I think that's what makes America great. We've all come from different backgrounds and to be able to add my culture to it, it's part of the American success story and it's a beautiful thing,” says Osayande.