Breast cancer survivor takes on superhero attitude to inspire others

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and one “superhero” is spreading positivity throughout the city while sharing her own story of battling the disease.
Actress Bianca Ilich immigrated to New York from Bulgaria eight years ago. However, she was diagnosed with breast cancer six years later.
Two years, two surgeries and 36 rounds of grueling chemotherapy later, Ilich is cancer-free and ready to help others.
She pulled out her cape and revived a character she used to play back on Bulgarian national TV.
Ilich travels around making videos for her YouTube channel while spreading positivity. She is also working on a documentary to raise awareness about breast cancer.
"Cancer doesn't discriminate. Cancer doesn't care how old you are, what nationality. It doesn't matter," she says.
She plans to release the documentary next spring, and hopes to "keep spreading the message to be positive, and live my life and to help other people to live their lives."