Broken ticket machines causing frustration, anger at Pelham Parkway station

Raphael Schweizer says he is fed up with the broken machines at the Select Bus station in Pelham Parkway, and he is not alone. Long lines and frustrated faces were notable at the station where only one machine was working.
Schweizer says he has reached out to the MTA about the issues, and they told him that riders should get off at the next station to get tickets. He says the problem with that response is that when people try to get back on the bus at the next station, it's so busy that it is hard for people to board.
"You know how many people are here at 2, 3 o'clock when kids come out of school, 5, 6 p.m. rush hour?" says Schweizer. "There's possibly 100 people here if not more, and all those people gotta wait for one machine? This is why people don't pay the fare."
News 12 spotted one MTA worker fixing one of the stations, but he said the other machines had "electrical issues."
The MTA responded in a statement, "Two of four ticket machines at this location are out service because power from a nearby light pole is no longer available and a new cable run to another light pole needs to be installed underground. This is substantial construction work requiring coordination with multiple city agencies and we are committed to resolving this matter as soon as possible."