Bronx apartment leaks lead to dangerous conditions

The holiday weekend has become a nightmare for one family on Jackson Avenue.
Nereida and Manuel Perez have been dealing with water problems in their apartment at the E. Roberts Moore Houses.
Nereida says a leak has been in her kitchen for three months. She says that it is dirty, unhealthy and unsafe.
"I came in the kitchen to drink tea," she said. "There was a lot of water on the floor, so I slipped and fell."
Repair crews say that the water is coming from the main water line in the wall, so they came and made a huge hole to check out the problem.
Nereida's daughter, Nancy, says that the house gets temporary fixes like a repairman mopping up the water instead of getting to the root of the issue.
"They've tried assessing the problem, and assessing the problem and assessing the problem," she said. "We're just sick of it."
NYCHA says that it understands the Perez family's frustration and that work orders were opened to complete the repairs. They hope to get them done in a timely manner.