Bronx charter school displays opportunities for students as part of National School Choice Week

This week is National School Choice Week, and one Bronx school is showcasing what their halls have to offer to their students and parents.  
Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries (AECI 1) Charter is one of many schools across the United States putting its resources and services on full display this week. The core course load at AECI 1 includes architectural drawing, drafting, and 3-D modeling.  
Stephan Baffoe is a post-secondary counselor at the school. He helps craft a step-by-step plan with students for their post-graduate plans – whether that be trade school, the military, or college.  
“For the majority of students I see across the board, [they] don’t have the knowledge or resources,” said Baffoe. “That’s when decisions are made… going to a school that doesn't benefit you, you're taking out loans and now you're financially strapped.” 
Some students do gain a lot from the school’s more trade-like approach to coursework, but students who choose to go on different paths still leave fully prepared.  
“I'm more interested in animals ,so when I go to college, I'll take biology and stuff because I love animals - that's the road I want to go in,” said senior Elizabeth Pena. “I came to this school not knowing what I wanted to do. But this school provides so many options.” 
The school also offers a wide array of extracurriculars and sports for students to engage in.