Bronx family claims they've been living in hazardous conditions for 2 years

A Bronx family claims they have been living with a hazardous kitchen ceiling for two years at the Bronx River Houses.
They say the damaged ceiling has forced them to eat elsewhere to avoid getting sick.
The tenant says he can't remember the last time he was able to cook a hot meal on his stove without having to worry about falling plaster.  
He showed News 12 the kitchen ceiling that was weathered with rusty water stains for about two years.
The damaged ceiling is right above the stovetop.
The Bronx tenants also showed News 12 other needed repairs on the first floor, including an overhead kitchen pipe with a bad leak.
It caused one person living in the apartment to slip on the floor and break their leg in two places.
The Bronx resident is overall concerned about his family's health and wants NYCHA to take action to fix his kitchen ceiling he says is a safety hazard.  
NYCHA tells News 12 that its staff is working to find the root cause of the leak and will schedule repairs when that leak is found and assessed.