Bronx family fed up with leaky apartment ceiling

A Bronx family is fed up with a huge ceiling leak inside their Castle Hill apartment that they say has become a health and safety hazard.
The Cisse family says they have been dealing with a leaky ceiling inside their apartment on Randall Avenue for three months.
They say two of their nine children also suffer from asthma. 
Adama Cisse says he has to empty buckets twice a day and sometimes in the middle of the night.
The couple says they called the city's Department of Housing were told that the earliest assignment to fix the leak was not until March 15, 2016. 


Meanwhile, the couple is worried their ceiling could also be a potential fire hazard. 
"I'm scared anything can happen, a fire, I have nine kids here," says Bintou Cisse, the children's mother.
Adama Cisse says he has made numerous visits to the building's office about the ongoing leak.
News 12 accompanied the father of nine to get answers from Castle Hill Houses.
After the visit and call to NYCHA, a repair crew stopped by the Bronx apartment.


NYCHA says the leak was stopped and workers are in the process of finding its source.

Repairs to the ceiling with continue throughout the weekend.