Bronx father reunites with kids after yearlong custody battle

After a yearlong custody battle, a Bronx father was finally reunited with his kids on Friday.
Efrain Vasquez says he waited for over a year to see his 8-year-old and 9-year-old children.
Vasquez says he was caught in the middle of a mounting backlog of court cases, affected even more by the pandemic, trying to get a new court date to resolve a custody dispute. 
Just a week after our report, “Justice Denied” aired on April 27, Vasquez told News 12 that he finally heard back from the court to schedule a new date after months of attempts. 
After a long journey and additional delays, he is standing tall with a message for other fathers. 
"Thank you everyone, family and friends for the support. Don't give up -- don't let the court system ever make you feel like you guys are not worth it. Fight for what you deserve, and that's your kids," says Vasquez. 
Vasquez says that the judge ruled that his ex-wife must abide by the court-ordered visitation rights, allowing him to see his kids every other week.