Bronx High School of Visual Arts students celebrated for leadership achievements

Students at the Bronx High School of Visual Arts were part of its first-ever Student Leadership Day to show off their hard work.
The event presented the large body of impressive work students have been up to, from peer mentoring to baking.
The school's library was packed with parents, teachers and politicians who celebrated their achievements.
"We've done food drives and blood drives ... and we just wanna improve the school and community and make it better," says Student Council President Jazmine Media.
Students meet after school to work in their group of their choice. One is the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council that works with School Chancellor Richard Caranza on giving input for policy change.
Another group works in entrepreneurship, creating a soap business called Bubble Bliss. They make soaps by hand, sell them and use the money for charity. They've recently sent their funds to support breast cancer research.
The goal is to encourage kids to realize their potential and celebrate them with events like Student Leadership Day.