Bronx libraries get funding for infrastructure, technology upgrades

Four Bronx libraries are getting a boost in funding.
The new funds will help to improve infrastructure, technology and to keep up certain programs that take place at the libraries.
The $4.2 million comes from the city budget and will be used at the Tremont, Belmont and Grand Concourse libraries. The Bronx Library Center will also be included in the new funding increase.
The funding comes after a Long Island University professor wrote an editorial suggesting replacing the library with an Amazon bookstore. The Forbes article received so much backlash, it was taken down.
Bronx residents agree that libraries are a staple for the community.
“It's irreplaceable," said Antoine Garrett. "I remember going as a kid and want to continue the tradition with my daughter."
The $4.2 million investment is the largest in the Bronx during this fiscal year.