Bronx mom: Leak has turned to huge hole in NYCHA apartment

What started out as a small leak in the ceiling of the Clason Point Houses has expanded into a massive issue for a Bronx mother.
Nicole Garcia says she has been dealing with a huge hole right above her bathtub for more than a year, a daily concern for the mother of two. Garcia says she is afraid the ceiling will fall while her children are in the bathroom.
Garcia says the few times NYCHA workers have shown up to her apartment on Lafayette Avenue, very little work was done to find the source of the ongoing leak and repair the hole.
"One time, it's from the walls, and then from the pipes, they don't know," says Garcia. "They are not taking the time to look and see what is the issue."
NYCHA now says it has scheduled a visit to the apartment and that the area will be repainted once repairs and plastering are completed.