Bronx native says developing planned Universal Hip Hop Museum is a dream project

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, News 12 is honoring a Bronx native who is overseeing a massive redevelopment project in the borough that will be home to the Universal Hip Hop Museum.
Being able to develop a vacant site in the south Bronx along the Harlem River, Josue Sanchez says he has come full circle. Sanchez was born and raised in the Bronx.
Sanchez says he was drawn to real estate and economic development after seeing how empty lots could be transformed to help people and families thrive. The Bronx Point, he says, is a dream project for him to work on.
"I'm really blessed and fortunate to be part of a story of an immigrant family coming from the Dominican Republic. Being a part of the community and forming a fabric of the community and allow it to move forward," Sanchez explains.
With construction well underway, he says the project should be completed around the end of 2023 with the Universal Hip Hop Museum opening sometime in 2024.
"You can't get away from hip-hop in the Bronx. You hear it in the streets. It's an interactive museum where people will hopefully get to scratch on some vinyls."
Sanchez says he hopes this project will inspire young kids to pursue real estate or construction.