Bronx residents find car mirrors stolen and vandalized in private parking lot

Residents in Soundview woke up on Friday morning to find their cars vandalized in their private parking lot for the second time this year.  
Some residents had their car mirrors entirely removed from their cars, while others had them vandalized. Resident Victor Sabatel says this is the second time in the last four months that this has happened. He says it feels like they’re being targeted now.  
The lot is located at 945 and 955 Underhill Ave., a privately-owned building with security and a gate around the perimeter.  
According to, replacing a car mirror can cost around $300 on average. Residents are saying that management is not taking responsibility for the mirror incident despite providing security.  
“They can’t deter theft,” said Kenyatia Murray, one of the victims. “After 10 p.m. it’s pitch black… I have my fiancé come down to walk me from my car to the building because it’s unsafe.”  
News 12 has reached out to the management of the building and is awaiting a response.