Bronx residents rally in support of father they say was unfairly arrested after defending son

Bronx residents rallied on the Grand Concourse in support of a father who they say was unfairly arrested for trying to defend his son after off-duty police officers killed him. 
This is the third time that supporters of the Rosado family have come out to protest after 24-year-old Mikey Rosado was shot and killed on Aug. 29. 
Surveillance footage obtained by News 12 of parts of the incident shows a man shooting his gun. According to the NYPD, the off-duty officers heard Rosado shoot his gun into the air, told him to drop off his weapon and he started firing at them--leading to a gunfight and Rosado being killed. 
After he was hit, Mikey’s father Rafael picked up his gun and also returned fire at officers. At this time, he is in custody and has been charged with attempted murder. 
The group who rallied on Friday argued that Rafael should be freed since he was just defending his son and say that the 46th Precinct needs to “stop terrorizing the community.”