Bronx school bus depot starts rollout of electric fleet

New York City is moving to use electric school buses, and the future of school bus travel is on display at the New York City School Bus Umbrella Service (NYCSBUS) bus depot.
The NYCSBUS says that 25 of these new fully electric buses will be up and running by the end of the winter.
These buses cut down on the fumes put out by the currently gas-powered fleet, which is why the Bronx was chosen to be the first borough to receive these buses due to disproportionately high child asthma rates.  
This initiative came as an outward growth from a previous NYCSBUS project alongside the New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, World Resources Initiative, The Mobility House, Bronx Community College, and CALSTART.
The new electric buses provide a quieter ride as well, and the move to electric could help create jobs, as Bronx Community College is already training mechanics to be equipped for these electric buses.  
The ultimate goal and city law says that New York City needs a fully electric school bus fleet by 2035.