Bronx teen 'sticks with passion,' creates successful beauty business

A Longwood teenager has created her own beauty brand out of her love for makeup.
Alexandra Rivera, 17, says she's had a love for beauty ever since she was young.
"My mom would always get her makeup done at MAC," Rivera says. "I would go with my grandma--I would always go in her drawer and try to use whatever she was using."
Over the summer, Rivera started saving and planning to create Ethereal Makeup.
She found a vendor for the lashes that she designs herself. A manufacturing company makes them for her, but then she handles everything else.
"When I get an order I will go straight, grab the lash, package it, put it in here, put the shipping label....," Rivera says.
As a vegetarian she says she is careful about the products she uses and wants to use options for cruelty-free and vegan lashes.
A girl younger than her designed her logo and a classmate took photos for her website.
By late September, Rivera's business was up-and-running with orders coming in from all over the country.
With college coming up, Rivera says she won't stop her business and even wants to expand it.
"So if you are like passionate about something--stick with that passion," she says. "Because you can always make a business or make profit out of whatever you love to do."