Bronx teens still missing 1 month after getting swept in the Hudson

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News 12 Staff

Apr 18, 2020, 1:18 AM

Updated 1,498 days ago


It’s been over a month since it’s believed that two teenage boys jumped into the Hudson River and the current swept them away. They’re still missing. 
"I slept in the park for two days. I stayed over there, yeah, I didn't leave,” said Isaiah Moronta’s father, Oscar Moronta. 
Two broken-hearted families are still holding out hope in finding Isaiah Moronta and Manny Flores, who jumped off the Spuyten Duyvil bridge last month. 
People tell News 12 that they decided to go to the river to have fun and that Isaiah jumped in first. 
They also tell News 12 that when Isaiah came out of the water, Manny went in and that he was drowning, so that’s when Isaiah went in to help him. They say both of the boys came up and that they were both swept away from the current. 
Moronta says he is still desperately looking for his son. "The last time I was out there, it was just me and somebody else, just two of us and we can't even cover that much water, so we need more help, more manpower,” said Moronta. 
Police tell News 12 the investigation is still active and ongoing at this time.

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