Bronx tenant says ceiling has collapsed 2 times, DOB says building received over 30 complaints

A tenant in the Bronx says her apartment ceiling collapsed on her two times, and now, she says she can barely walk through her living room. 
Ramona Wright says she has to climb over debris, metal and blocks of wood as water continues to drip from the ceiling ever since her apartment ceiling collapsed on her Friday morning.
“It just came tumbling down. The ceiling just came tumbling down,” said Wright. 
Wright, whose lawyer has advised that she not show her face, says her ceiling has leaked on and off for years--but that it first fell down on July 15. 
She says it happened again on Friday. This time, she says the fire department had to come by. 
Wright says the building’s owner did nothing to fix it.
“The super keeps saying ‘I’m coming back, I’m gonna fix it.’ Nobody ever comes back and does anything,” said Wright. 
Her apartment building on Anthony Avenue has received over 30 complaints, according to the Department of Buildings site. 
The DOB says it found “potential housing maintenance code issues” with the property. 
News 12 tried to contact Wavecrest but was told to call back on Monday. Wavecrest Management acts as the managing agent on behalf of the owner.
“They don’t want to fix anything in this apartment and at this point, I don’t wanna stay here no more,” said Wright. 
Wright says she’s looking into filing a lawsuit against the property owner. 
News 12 reached out to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development which said, "Violations have been issued. Owners must live up to their responsibility to correct violations and keep residents in safe housing."
Wright says HPD says an inspector will come by on Tuesday