Bronx theater group hopes to start conversation about immigration policy

A Bronx theater group hopes to start a conversation about immigration policy through their virtual and in-person performances.
In the half-hour play "On the Basis of 680," nine young actors from the Bronx portray the emotional impact of an ICE raid on children. The performance - the brainchild of Crossroad Connection Inc.'s Act4Change Violence Prevention Project was developed to combat anti-immigrant rhetoric.
The play uses the "forum theater" style, where the group opens up a dialogue with the audience at the end of each performance.
The college-aged actors have adapted to pandemic realities and forged ahead with masked rehearsals and virtual performances. However, later this month, they take their talents to the stage in both Manhattan and the Bronx.
For Amari Blake, the exposure to the immigrant experience has been complimentary to his education pursuits.
"Learning about the experiences that a lot of other people face, and this program, it is just a building block, it's just another perspective broken down at a time," Blake says.
"On the Basis of 680" is hosting its second virtual performance Tuesday and has live performances on Aug. 6 and Aug. 23.