Bronx waterway photo exhibit on display

Photographer Susannah Ray has captured the images of the waterways often overlooked in the Bronx.
In her exhibit "A Further Shore," on display at the Bronx Museum, Ray captures daily life and the waterways that ring the city.
Inspired by Walt Whitman's poem "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" Ray explored the city's waterways looking for the little details.
She wanted to snap shots of the everyday ebb and flow of city life with a special focus on the four outer boroughs.
"So it's not just about the water, and it's not just about the landscape within the city. It's really about the people and the connection that they find within those spaces," Ray says. 
The exhibit will be on display through April 2018.
“This sense of the water as being an escape, a place where all of us can go and find a moment to kind of put life on pause,” she says.