Brooklyn bartender delivers cocktails on bike amid coronavirus shutdowns

Coronavirus shutdowns are hurting so many businesses in New York City, especially bars and restaurants.
News 12 is told most of the staff at Izzy Rose in Clinton Hill was laid off, inspiring one worker to make the most of the change by delivering cocktails on the go.
When Tom Roughton woke up to the news that bars and restaurants would close except for takeout and delivery last Monday, the Izzy Rose bartender decided he wasn’t giving up.
“I called up the owner and I said like ‘we need to get some bottles, we need to get cracking’ and she was all over it,” says Roughton.
Customers call him to place orders for drinks like "the new normal" or "boundary tester." Then, the avid bicyclist delivers the booze on his bike across northern Brooklyn between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.
"Oftentimes I'll get a call on my Bluetooth speaker while I'm riding and I'll tell them, I'll take their order when I get back,” says Roughton.
On top of that, he acts as cupid for those quarantined.
“All the singles are heavily on the dating apps, and so we kind of had the idea that we could, you know, we could facilitate that date just like we were before as the bar, you know. You can have a drink sent to you and one to your new match or you can send a cupcake send them too, and we send a little note with it,” says Roughton.
Roughton adds they are always sanitary, but especially during these times.
"We use the Square contactless reader before we leave every time we give it a wipe with some sanitizer spray. I use the hotspot on my phone when I go out. And they can either use Apple Pay or they put a chip in it and they touch it once. I put it in my bag as soon as I get back here, spray it down again. And before we leave every time a little sanitizer wash,” says Roughton.
The bar wants to continue deliveries as long as it can because it sees that the service is needed.