Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams announces new initiative to combat health disparities

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams announced a new initiative to help combat health disparities in the borough’s most economically challenged neighborhoods. 
Health disparities across the city have been magnified throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with East New York and Starrett City among the hardest hit. 
"We need to look at the underlying conditions that contribute to the disparities we are seeing now. These areas, exactly the same conditions that are leading comorbidity with COVID-19,” said Adams. 
Adams announced the ‘Rise Up East New York’ initiative Friday. Dr. Barry Smith leads the program geared toward changing the local health system. 
"It's a system that providers pay for providing care to sick people rather than maintain wellness and that's something we have to change,” said Dr. Smith. 
The program hopes to accomplish this with the help of the company pulseData. 
"Facebook knows what you're going to read next. Amazon knows what you're going to buy next. We can predict who is going to end up in the hospital and who is going to benefit from care,” said Dr. Smith. 
The company will partner with one Brooklyn health system and other community organizations to identify people who could benefit from preventative care. 
Data shows that among adults in East New York, 35% suffer from obesity, 14% have diabetes and 34% have hypertension. 
Officials say they hope to proactively help people with illnesses like these so they can lead healthier lifestyles.