Brooklyn family considering legal action after loved one found with bruises at nursing home

A Brooklyn family says their loved one showed signs of bruises, scratches, and swelling when visiting her at an East New York nursing home earlier in the week.
Sad, outraged, and confused is how Jennifer Moore and her daughter Shameka King say they feel when a visit to see their mother and grandmother at Spring Creek Nursing Home turned out to be more than they expected.
"She's traumatized, and I am more traumatized to see my mother have just such extent of injury to her neck and her face. She doesn't sleep well at night and neither do I," Moore said.
The two say 85-year-old Effie Moore, who has dementia, had only been living in the facility for less than 30 days.
"Friday, I think it was Aug. 20th, we got a call saying that our grandmother had a small mark on her face. They brought her downstairs, she didn't have her glasses on, she had a black eye and that is what they tried to portray as a small mark," King said.
But after seeing the swollen black eye and scratches on her face, they say they called 911 and took her to the hospital.
"We spoke to the nursing director, and she basically tried to play it off as it's her skin tone that's why it looks that bad and it didn't look that bad this morning. Y'all fed her breakfast, lunch, dinner, changed her -- why weren't we notified about how bad the damages were?" King said.
Both Spring Creek and the Department of Health say they are investigating the incident. But the family says they're looking to take legal action after not getting straight answers about how the injuries happened.
"It feels bad because it's like, we're supposed to be protecting her ... elderly are like babies. They rely on us to take care of them and for somebody to do that to us, it's really disgusting," said King.
The family says Effie is now back home living with family.