Brooklyn family's dog stolen on day they planned to move to Florida

A Brooklyn family says their dog of more than a decade was stolen on the same day they were set to move to Florida.
Carl Magloire says his dog Fresco was taken around 1 a.m. Tuesday at the corner of Ocean and Church avenues.
Surveillance video from the area shows two people holding what appears to be a dog, before walking off with it in hand.
Magloire says as he walked his dog off leash, he got distracted by a commotion happening across the street. When he turned to see what was going on, his dog walked away, and someone took him.
Magloire and his family are in the process of moving to Florida, where they just bought a home. He says he and Fresco were supposed to fly Tuesday, but he canceled his flight to stay back and search for his dog.
Fresco is a Pomeranian that has been with the family for 13 years. Magloire, his wife and young son are pleading for the public's help in finding him.
“Having a dog for 13 years, it's not even a dog anymore. It's like raising a child,” Magloire says.
Magloire posted signs around the neighborhood with his phone number in hopes for anyone to call him with information. He’s willing to give a $500 reward for anyone who finds the dog.
Magloire says he’s not leaving Brooklyn until he finds Fresco.