Brooklyn's Trivia For Us promotes inclusivity, Black-owned businesses with Halloween trivia crawl

Childhood best friends Shakira Hodges and Deydra Bringas inspire change in their community through their unique trivia business, Trivia For Us, and put on a Halloween trivia crawl in Prospect Heights last Saturday to bring attention to struggling Black-owned businesses.
On Oct. 30, the Brooklyn residents brought together dozens of attendees for a crawl through Prospect Heights playing trivia at Black-owned businesses.
The company owners started Trivia for Us back in 2019 to make trivia more inclusive for the Black community.
Hodges said, "We're passionate about it because when we would go out and play trivia, we felt very excluded. We wouldn't get the questions right, mainly because it didn't come from a place where we grew up from or what we know. So, we created something that we can get questions right and it comes from our background, and we can understand it."
After they saw the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on many Black-owned businesses, the neighborhood residents were inspired to create the Halloween crawl.
Hodges and Bringas say they hoped to bring monetary support back to many of the businesses that they believe were overlooked.