BX official calls for day care grading system

State Sen. Jeffrey Klein is calling for new standards for New York City's day care centers.
The Bronx senator and other officials are proposing a letter-grade system that would rank day care centers by quality.
It would be similar to the system that grades the city's restaurants.
Sen. Klein says the facilities should be held accountable after many instances of health violations and lying about their records.
According to Sen. Klein, Brightside Academy on East 150th Street in Melrose has the most violations in the past two years compared to other day cares.
The Department of Health and Hygiene's website says the day care center has 12 violations currently open, and has had 77 violations total in the past two years. Sen. Klein says 11 of the 77 violations were public health hazards.
Rosaleen Romero's 3-year-old son has been going to the center since September. She said she had no idea when she signed up that the day care center had a bad track record with the Department of Health.
"I'm definitely going to change, I want to change my son to my daughter's school," says Romero.
With a grade of A, B or C in the window, many parents say they would not have any doubts about where they are sending their children.