BX residents worried rezoning plan will push them out

A community group in the Bronx has released a report focusing on the city's plan to rezone a 73-block area in the borough.
The rezoning plan would effect Jerome Avenue and its surrounding area.
According to the report done by Community Action For Safe Apartment (CASA), the plan would impact 98,000 households and their fear is the impact would be overwhelmingly negative.
The city says the rezoning would add more housing to the area, but Bronx residents are worried the new housing won't be affordable and will push out current tenants.
"It's all about displacement," says Omar Owens, a Jerome Avenue tenant. "Because in five years the people living in these apartments, they have no cost of living increase. They’re living on limited budgets.”
In addition to the report, CASA has also called on lawmakers to put an end to landlord harassment and other tactics they say are being used to push longtime Bronx residents out.