Camptopia at Atlantic Terminal helps families explore summer options

Families from around the borough packed into Atlantic Terminal on Sunday for the fifth annual "Camptopia" – a camp fair put on by Mommy Poppins and Brooklyn Bridge Parents to help sort through the different summer camp choices that are out there.
"New Yorkers are incredibly lucky, because no place on Earth has as many different options for summer camps," said Mommy Poppins founder Anna Fader. "But it's also incredibly overwhelming... How do you choose one?"
It's why organizers get 30 different summer camps into one room - each with a different booth. Something Brooklyn Bridge Parents founder Katharina Goetz calls "a one-stop solution" where families "get to find out about the programs, the age groups, the costs, the early bird specials for these camps in one day" – all while meeting the camps first-hand.
Families were able to “test drive” the activities at each camp in each interactive booth.
“You're actually experiencing the camp,” said Fader. “It's an opportunity to try lots of new things and see if this is a new passion for your child, or just something that they enjoy."
Melanie Diaz, a parent from Midwood, said that it was “nice to actually talk to someone who works or who has attended the camp to get some of your specific questions answered."
While Camptopia was a one-day event, both Brooklyn Bridge Parents and Mommy Poppins have online camp guides. Mommy Poppins says they plan to host a similar event in the future.