Candy store stands the test of time, serving multiple generations of customers

One Manhattan sweet shop is sending customers back in time with its assortment of candies.
Economy Candy in Manhattan’s Lower East Side has remained the same since it opened in 1937.
The shop sells a wide variety of candy from all over the world.
It also features some retro candy as well.
"We're lucky we have multiple generations of customers. We have people that came when they were kids and now they're bringing their grandkids,” says owner Mitchell Cohen.
As a third-generation owner, Cohen says the candy shop is a revolving door of different holidays and seasons.
"Right in the front now you see all of our Easter stuff. You see the bunnies and the eggs, stuff for Passover. Then we move into the summer which is more fun things getting off the shelf and then we're almost back at Halloween,” says Cohen.
Cohen says he is proud of the store that has stood the test of time.
"This is one of the few stores that first of all is surviving in this area, which today seems like a ghost town, but it hasn't changed too much if at all from what I remember,” he says.