Castle Hill family receives NYCHA home repairs after speaking with News 12

Erica Rivera says NYCHA came by to make emergency repairs hours after the News 12 team left.

Valerie Ryan and Adolfo Carrion

Apr 11, 2024, 9:12 PM

Updated 40 days ago


A family in Castle Hill finally saw some repairs to their apartment after reaching out to News 12.
Erica Rivera and her family say they had been dealing with leaks, water damage, mold and broken tiles in their five-bedroom home on Randall Avenue for the past eight years.
Rivera says she had to mop the water leaking from her wall multiple times over the past 24 hours. She says the water damage penetrated all corners of the home, chipping away at the walls and ceilings, and creating dangerous holes.
“I had to take my grandkids out. I’m scared,” said Rivera. “My granddaughter came. Every time she comes to stay, she goes home with a rash that lasts her like a week.”
Rivera showed News 12 the list of complaints she had made to the New York City Housing Authority since the end of 2023, and many were left without a response.
News 12 reached out to NYCHA for a statement. Rivera says NYCHA came by to make those emergency repairs after the News 12 team left her home.

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