Castle Hill Houses residents say they have gone days without heat

Castle Hill Houses residents have been bearing the bitter cold with no heat or hot water.
NYCHA says the issue began Tuesday morning, but some residents say it has been a recurring issue for at least three days.
Rhonda Phillips says she has had to boil water for the past three days just so her kids could shower.
Tammie Boone, another resident, suffers from major health issues. She says her asthma has flared up and must now do breathing treatments and take medicine three times a day.
Boone says she turned on her two kitchen ovens and stove top to keep warm, a major fire hazard and health risk.
"If I'm not doing any better I'm going to have to go to the emergency room, and it's ridiculous because I should not have to go to the emergency room because my apartment is cold," says Boone.
Both Boone and Phillips say they have reached out to the customer contact center multiple times.
NYCHA says crews fixed their boilers and restored hear and hot water to the building Tuesday afternoon. But as of Tuesday night, one tenant says her service is not back.
NYCHA says anyone still experiencing a problem should reached out to the customer contact center.