CDC gives OK to vaccine booster shots for Moderna, Johnson & Johnson

There are now booster shots available for all three of the COVID vaccines, and experts are saying it's OK to mix and match booster shots.
According to both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration, no matter which shot you chose to get the first time around, you can pick any of the COVID boosters available and it will be effective.
However, you must be eligible for a Moderna booster shot. That includes anyone 65 and older, or those who live in long-term care settings, are at high risk, or have jobs that put them at high risk of exposure.
For the 15 million people who the CDC says receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, they are recommending the booster as soon as just two months after your initial shot for anyone 18 and up.
Medical experts like Dr. Fauci say boosters can offer increased protection from COVID-19, mixed or not.
While this news comes for booster shot changes, the CDC says the big focus is still getting more people vaccinated in the first place.
While it is OK to mix and match shots, Dr. Fauci also did add it's generally recommended you get the booster that you received originally. All three boosters are available at vaccine sites across the city.