CEO: Scheduled storefront deliveries ‘a viable solution’ to NYC congestion

A New York City-based company is offering a software solution to the gridlock on New York City’s streets now that more people are back on the roads and more deliveries are being made to storefronts.
Jeffrey Friedman, the CEO of Building Intelligence, says most delivery trucks aren’t coordinating with each other, which only adds to the congestion.
"Vehicles tend to pile up and that makes it inconvenient to the pedestrians,” he says. “[There are] a lot of places that we can't park anymore, we see trucks double parked."
Friedman says his company has software that's been used for years at places like Yankee Stadium to orchestrate and consolidate deliveries. He believes it is a viable solution.
“The whole idea is to have a better city…to schedule vehicles, manage the vehicles as they come in," he says.
Friedman says the scheduling technology can also help make the city more eco-friendly, walkable and could cut down on delivery delays.