Chappaqua residents wish former President Bill Clinton a speedy recovery

Former President Bill Clinton is on the mend right now at a hospital on the West Coast after being hospitalized two days ago for an infection.
The 75-year-old was hospitalized Tuesday evening at the University of California Irvine Medical Center for a blood infection commonly known as sepsis.
According to spokespeople, Bill and Hillary Clinton were in California for an event when the former president complained of feeling unwell and fatigued.
Doctors say the cause was a urinary tract infection that had spread to his bloodstream.
While te Chappaqua resident’s condition is not uncommon, it can be serious. "If left untreated, the situation can spiral," says Dr. Peter Gottensfeld, who practices family medicine in Yorktown.
Gottensfeld says the problem often begins with bacteria or a virus.
"Our immune systems just usually manages to keep them in check, there's a balance between our immune system and the bacteria and germs that are on our bodies and inside our bodies and then every once in a while the balance tips," says Gottensfeld.
Clinton was admitted to the intensive care unit for close monitoring and has been receiving IV antibiotics and fluids. Gottensfeld says that is the standard form of treatment. "It's really a question of helping the immune system do its job and reassert control over what's going on inside of us," says Gottensfeld.
Clinton's doctors say he's responded well to treatment and will most likely continue a course of oral antibiotics. Once he's fully recovered, they'll try to figure out exactly what caused this so it doesn't happen again.
News 12 sources say the former president is expected back to Chappaqua within 24 hours, and both Clintons still hope to go on a planned trip to Europe next week.
His neighbors in Chappaqua are happy to hear he's now doing well and looking forward to seeing him around town. "We hope to see him soon and we send our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery," says Ronni Diamondstein, of Chappaqua. "As long as he's healthy and back on the streets saying hello and part of the community, we're excited to have him back," says Jeremy Saland, New Castle acting supervisor.