Circus brothers perfect the art of juggling

They live together, and they juggle together.
Two brothers are getting ready for a juggling performance later this month, and they say they couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.
“Performing for me is kind of the only thing I can see myself doing. My brother and I, we kind of grew up around performers, our dad was a variety performer and he worked with a litany of other performers so we kind of grew up around musicians and acrobats and clowns and jugglers and all this stuff,” says juggler Collin Miclon.
Collin and his brother Shane say they live together, which makes it easy to train and design their routines.
They also train at The Muse Brooklyn in Bushwick.
“I love the feeling of sharing something I’m passionate about with a group of people, getting them to feel something laugh or, mostly laugh,” says Collin.