City beaches take on different vibe this Memorial Day

City beaches take on different vibe this Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend normally marks the start of beach season, but this year, it's looking a little different in the city.

The City Council says you can walk or sunbathe on city beaches, but swimming is banned because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor Bill de Blasio has also put in place a ban on barbecues, sports games and large gatherings during visits to the beach.

However, the City Council is determined to see city beaches safely open for swimming this summer. Some of their guidelines include using ropes and flags to keep space between people on the beach, as well as foot-pedal operated hand washing stations.

The council also wants masks to be required when walking on the boardwalks or beaches.

Other recommendations include letting restaurants near the beach reopen, as long as they work with the Health Department and extensive cleaning of bathrooms.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says the opening of city beaches for swimming later this summer is contingent on further lowering the spread of coronavirus.

There will be NYPD officers and 2,300 social distancing ambassadors to ensure rules are being obeyed.

Beaches will close once they hit 50% capacity. Masks will also be handed out at some locations

De Blasio tweeted out a reminder that beaches could close if rules are not followed.
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