City Council hearing aims to address health, safety concerns surrounding reopening of NYC public schools

Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza joined with educators, parents and others Friday to testify during a City Council hearing about the health and safety of reopening schools in New York City.
Prior to the start of the meeting, Councilmember Mark Treyger said the purpose of the meeting is to ensure the city is being held accountable and to get answers to the questions so many people have right now.
He says attendance has been a huge concern, mainly because they don't know what the attendance rates are. He says the city isn't tracking attendance of kids who are learning virtually and don't know how many kids have never logged on at all.
The councilmember called the lack of data being released outrageous. Other concerns he says will be addressed are technology and a lack of tools that students need to access remote learning. Treyger says that's the case for thousands of students.
For students learning in-person, he says some students who've signed on for in-person learning are going into the building but are then logging on to learn virtually from a teacher who is working from home. He says this is not what the mayor promised, and they need answers.
The meeting began just after 10 a.m. Friday and is continuing throughout the day.