City officials, business owners, residents gather for emergency drill

City officials, business owners and residents gathered Monday afternoon at the Point Community Development Corporation to brainstorm how to better prepare for future hurricanes and climate disasters.
As part of an emergency drill, attendees were told to imagine that a Category 3 hurricane was on the way.
Teams of community members, leaders and representatives from the mayor’s office and the Office of Emergency Management discussed the preparation and action required for such an incident before and after its landfall. The groups were told to think about important networks, how to manage those networks during a crisis and how to respond to roadway and public transportation closures.
The head of community development and co-organizer Angela Tovar tells News 12 The Bronx that residents can prepare for natural disasters by researching important emergency supplies to keep at home and being aware of evacuation routes and shelters. Organizers also emphasized the community as its own resource.
More information on planning for emergencies can be found here.